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 Why Nepal's Challenges With Aviation Safety Are Unique

Topography has gifted Nepal with picturesque landscapes, but posits unrivalled challenges to flight operations. Representative image of an Yeti Airlines flight. Photo: A Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500 airc…

MBT M1 Abrams Adopts Artificial Intelligence Technology, Attacking Ability Increases Rapidly

As the Main Battle Tank (MBT) mainstay of Uncle Sam's country, the M1 Abrams series continues to get a number of improvements. Having previously discussed the adoption of diesel engines that replace turbine engines. Now there…

Kawasaki EC-1 – Electronic Warfare Specialist Aircraft With 'The One And Only' Status

Having the ability to produce advanced technology, it seems that Japan used it to independently work on reconnaissance aircraft with the function of electronic warfare (electronic warfare). What is meant is the Kawasaki EC-1, whi…

Bell Helicopter Completes Delivery of 12 AH-1Z Viper Units for Bahrain Order

As well as receiving the F-16 Vipers, the Royal Bahrain Air Force – Royal Bahrain Air Force (RBAF) will also receive the second and final batch of Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters on order.  With the final delivery of a total …

Jordan Officially Orders 12 F-16 Viper Fighter Jets Worth US$4.2 Billion

After further negotiations, the Kingdom of Jordan finally returned to its original plan, namely by purchasing 12 F-16 Block 70 Viper fighter jets produced by Lockheed Martin.  Previously in June 2022, the Government of Jordan had…

Thales Showcases GM200 MM/A – New Variant of GM200 Reconnaissance Radar Adopted by AESA Radar

Following the success of the production and marketing of the Ground Master 200 (GM200) reconnaissance radar, Thales has developed a newer and more modern variant, the GM200 Multi Mission All-in-one (GM200 MM/A).  Even though in a…

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