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Israel's Rafael Launches 'Sky Sonic', a Hypersonic Missile Interceptor

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    Israel's Rafael Launches 'Sky Sonic', a Hypersonic Missile Interceptor

    Countries in the world are seriously threatened by the moves of the United States (US), Russia and China in developing hypersonic missiles. Seeing this, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a multinational defense company from Israel, appeared like a god by launching the latest air defense system (Hanud) "Sky Sonic", a hypersonic missile interceptor (Sky Sonic interceptor).

    The latest Hanud system from Rafael Israel is planned to be exhibited at the Paris Air Show on June 19-25 2023 and will be one of the long-awaited presence at the world's largest aerospace exhibition.

    Since its inception, hypersonic missiles have become a real threat to countries in the world, not only with speeds that reach more than 10 times the speed of sound, but also with unpredictable attack directions.

    Hypersonic missiles are known to have the ability to change the direction of attack while in the middle of a journey. This capability overwhelms the Hanud system against it. Never mind countering or intercepting it, just chasing the speed of the hypersonic missile is not an easy matter. Moreover, tracking, detecting, and preventing unpredictable attack paths. In short, it is very difficult to intercept a hypersonic missile.

    It was because of these difficulties that the CEO of Rafael, Major General Yoav Har Even, boasted that anything impossible could become possible for the company he leads, in this case related to the development of the "Sky Sonic" hypersonic missile interceptor Hanud system.

    According to, Rafael started development of a hypersonic missile interceptor with a synchronized sensor system capable of accurately identifying and locating threats throughout the hypersonic missile's trajectory.

    In addition, accurate trajectory prediction requires an interceptor that can reach the target quickly, minimizing target accuracy errors. Finally, the Sky Sonic hypersonic missile interceptor must have extraordinary maneuverability and operate on a non-ballistic trajectory to effectively pursue and neutralize hypersonic threats.

    So far there has been no leak of how much the hypersonic missile interceptor will cost. However, Rafael revealed that countries in the world have already lined up to be able to have the latest high-tech Hanud system from Israel.

    It was stated, there were already around a pile of purchase proposals with a nominal value of up to 40 billion Nis Shekels or around IDR 166 trillion. It was the largest order record in the history of the company, indicating how enthusiastic countries around the world are about having the Hanud system.

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel's state-owned defense company, has long played an important role in the global defense industry by presenting various advanced and tested Hanud systems. Such as the "Iron Dome" system, the "David's Sling" system, the "Iron Beam" laser air defense system, the "SPIKE" missile integrated with battle helicopters, auxiliary systems for air platforms, and many more.

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