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PT Pindad And Safran Develop MK82 Bomb As The Base For The AASM HAMMER Hybrid Smart Bomb

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    PT Pindad And Safran Develop MK82 Bomb As The Base For The AASM HAMMER Hybrid Smart Bomb

    When the Dassault Rafale fighter jet arrives in Indonesia, it is certainly hope that the French-made fighter can be properly armed. Understandably, looking at past procurements, the presence of fighter jets takes a long time to equip it with an adequate arsenal.

    And regarding the procurement of Rafale fighter jets for Indonesia, there is news that PT Pindad will be involved in the production of smart guided bombs.

    Quoted from Twitter @pindad, it is stated that PT Pindad and Safran Electronics & Defense will jointly develop the MK82 bomb produced by PT Pindad to be developed into Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM) Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range (HAMMER), Smart Bomb for jets. Rafale fighter.

    About HAMMER, is a new generation mid-range modular air-to-ground weapon designed and manufactured for the French Air Force and Navy. HAMMER was first launched at the Paris Air Show 2007.

    HAMMER consists of a guidance kit and a range extension kit. The kits will be mounted on Mk82 bomb warheads including the Smart Bomb Unit (SBU)-38, SBU-64 and SBU-54. HAMMER itself belongs to the missile group, and supports the operation of bombs weighing 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg and 1,000 kg, and can be reprogrammed during flight.

    The basic version of the SBU-38 HAMMER is equipped with INS/GPS hybrid guidance, while the SBU-54 version is equipped with INS/GPS/IR (infrared) guidance. And the latest version of SBU-64 uses INS/GPS/laser guide. The latter can be used to target moving targets, while the infrared terminal guidance version is used to minimize target coordinate errors.

    HAMMER is equipped with propulsion mounted on the rear of the missile and consists of a solid rocket motor and four wings for flight control. The nature of HAMMER is autonomous and not sensitive to jamming, including this weapon system can be launched from low altitude.

    HAMMER is 3 meters long and weighs 330 kg. With a solid propelled rocket, HAMMER, which combines smart bomb technology, can be released from a height of 15 km to reach targets at a distance of 60 km.

    HAMMER has fire and forget capability, and extended stand-off capacity. In one air, Rafale can carry six HAMMER units.

    Although its debut was not so loud in the air-to-surface weapons market, HAMMER has actually been fully used in air raid operations in Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, and various attacks on ISIS bases in Iraq-Syria. HAMMER users are not limited to France, India, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar and most recently Greece are HAMMER users.

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