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KS-DShK850 Project 05060 – Multirole Fire Support Boat With Anti-Drone System

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    KS-DShK850 Project 05060 – Multirole Fire Support Boat With Anti-Drone System

    From the aspect of fire power, it is clear that this Russian-designed combat speed boat is outmatched by the Antasena tank boat equipped with a 30 mm caliber cannon. However, in terms of agility and the ability to deal with drone attacks, it is possible that the KS-DShK850 Project 05060, which is called the Fire Support Boat, will be more qualified.

    First shown to the public at the Army 2023 event in Patriot Park (14-20 August 2023), Moscow, KS-DShK850 designed for the Russian navy, KS-DShK850 is designed to perform anti-sabotage patrol missions, limited fire support for amphibious landings, transport and evacuation of troops. 

    As an element of weaponry, the KS-DShK850 is equipped with a remote controlled 12.7 mm caliber heavy machine gun.

    The KS-DShK850 has a crew of two and can carry 10 landing troops. To protect the hull, there is an additional layer of protection to withstand the brunt of medium caliber projectiles. While on the back, there is the Osminog anti-drone system module.

    The KS-DShK850 is powered by two waterjet engines, each of which has a power of 450 hp. The maximum speed of the KS-DShK850 is 40 knots (equivalent to 74 km per hour), or equivalent to Antasena. 

    In one sailing, this combat speed boat carries 1,200 liters of fuel, which can carry this ship sailing as far as 500 km.

    From the specifications, the KS-DShK850 is 11.5 meters long, 3.2 meters wide and weighs as written in the fact sheet – 11.47 tons. 

    Like the Combat Boat CB90 made by Saab Sweden, the KS-DShK850 is also equipped with a hatch in the bow, which is used for entry and exit of landing troops.

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