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Type 19 8×8 Revealed – China's Latest Amphibious IFV With Unmanned Turret

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    Type 19 8×8 Revealed – China's Latest Amphibious IFV With Unmanned Turret

    Not long ago, a new type of armored combat vehicle was discovered by the Chinese Army. Looking at the display, what is meant is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) with 8×8 tires. 

    There is no label or definitive identity on China's newest 8×8 IFV rifle, only that it is an improvement on the ZBL-08 (Type 08) or ZBL-09 rifle which has been operated by the Panda Country military for a long time.

    From the photo posts shared by the X Daving Wang account - @Nickatgreat1220, it is said that this new Ranpur IFV is called the Type 19 IFV. 

    Apart from the modern characteristics of its high hull design, it can be seen that the Type 19 adopts a 30 mm caliber cannon with an unmanned turret. Apart from that, the turret also contains anti-tank missiles and a 5.8 mm coaxial machine gun.

    This post about China's newest IFV has aroused great interest and curiosity among military observers and enthusiasts. 

    In his post, David Wang said that one of the unique aspects of the Type 19 was the position of the gunner's sights, which he said had an unusual layout in that about 80 percent of the gunner's sights were hidden beneath the main gun shield, marking an unconventional configuration in the armored fleet. Chinese Army steel.

    As the newest IFV, the Type 19 is also confirmed to have amphibious capabilities, this can be seen from the propeller at the rear. If you look at the design of the Type 19, there is a suspicion that this ranpur is a Norinco production.

    A production aircraft similar to the Type 19 is the ZBL-09, which is designed for high mobility, including in support of amphibious operations. 

    Featuring eight-wheel drive with an advanced suspension system, it allows this vehicle to navigate difficult terrain and overcome obstacles, making it well suited for rapid deployment and maneuverability in the field.

    The ZBL-09 has been used by the Chinese military since 2009 and has been used in a number of conflicts, including the 2020 China-India conflict in the Ladakh region. ZBL-09 is also known to have been exported to Pakistan and Nigeria.

    This Ranpur adopts a water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine with 450 hp. In addition, this engine was also selected to provide sufficient thrust to withstand the additional load of the vehicle's equipment and armament.

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