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Ukraine Operates Ratel-S, Kamikaze UGV With Anti-Tank Mine Warhead

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    Ukraine Operates Ratel-S, Kamikaze UGV With Anti-Tank Mine Warhead

    When Russian special forces began deploying robots or Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Hedgehogs in brutal warfare from trench to trench, the Ukrainian camp did not remain silent, it was reported that they had launched a UGV which also had tires, namely the Ratel-S (Honey Badger). 

    Even though both have 4×4 drive and are mini in size, the Ratel-S's main duties are emphasized as a kamikaze UGV.

    To be precise, the Ratel-S was designed as a kamikaze UGV that targets heavy combat vehicles, such as Main Battle Tanks. Having mini dimensions, of course Ratel-S carries out attacks with special techniques. 

    Quoted from, it is said that the Ratel-S carrying warheads will target the bottom of the opponent's tank hull.

    Still from the same source, this ground-based kamikaze drone has completed testing and is now starting mass production. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov, who is responsible for the development of various military technologies.

    The Ratel-S has entered operational service with Ukrainian forces and has seen one or two heavy engagements with the Russians. Reportedly, this has also been confirmed by Russian military units. With battery power, Ratel-S can operate for up to 2 hours without recharging the battery up to a distance of 6 km.

    Talking about speed, Ratel-S can reach speeds of 24 km per hour on smooth roads. Meanwhile, when used on rough terrain, the speed will be much lower.

    Fedorov stated that Ratel-S was purely developed by Ukraine. In combat, the Ratel-S carries warheads such as anti-tank mines or combat modules. Thanks to this technology, operators from a safe place can blow up tanks or enemy defense bases.

    The start of testing of the Ratel-S was reported back in May. During testing, this kamikaze drone successfully carried a papyload in the form of a TM-62 type anti-tank mine. During testing, the drone moved two TM-62 mines at once.

    However, observers doubt the wheelbase will allow the Ratel-S to be usable in winter or in bad weather. On the other hand, when using a chain-wheel UGV, apart from being more expensive, it also does not provide high speeds and is more difficult to produce.

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