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UGMT-1 (AT-3 Orlan) – Light Torpedo Carried by RPK-3 Metel Anti-Submarine Missile

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    UGMT-1 (AT-3 Orlan) – Light Torpedo Carried by RPK-3 Metel Anti-Submarine Missile

    Continuing the previous article about the RPK-3 Metel, namely the anti-submarine cruise missile which is an iconic weapon on the Udaloy class destroyers of the Russian Pacific Fleet, this article discusses what the RPK-3 Metel carries, namely a light torpedo that will be released (dropped) by the Metel missile when it is around the target area.

    The torpedo carried by the RPK-3 Metel missile is the UGMT-1 (AT-3 Orlan), a type of light torpedo designed since the Soviet era. Like the light torpedo design according to NATO standards, the UGMT-1 can also be launched from helicopters, maritime reconnaissance aircraft, and bombers.

    The UMGT-1 was developed in the 70s by NGO Uran (now Gidropribor) and entered service in the Soviet Navy's arsenal in 1980. As a light torpedo, the UMGT-1 weighs 720 kg and has a diameter (caliber) of 400 mm. For comparison, light torpedoes in NATO standards use a 324 mm caliber.

    The UMGT-1 has a conventional design with a homing section and warhead in the nose, a battery in the middle, and the engine and control fins in the rear. Because it is powered by silver magnesium seawater batteries, the UMGT-1 has a limited effective range. However, this is not a problem because the rocket/missile or ASW aircraft will drop the UMGT-1 torpedo near the intended target.

    Quoted from, the UMGT-1 battery has its own shortcomings, because it can only be activated in sea water, while this torpedo battery cannot be used in fresh water.

    The UMGT-1 torpedo uses a passive and active sonar guidance system with an effective range of 1.5 km. The initial variant of the UMGT-1 could only be used against submarines, then there was an improved variant of the UMGT-1M that could target surface ships. The UMGT-1 has a range of 8 km and a speed of 41 knots.

    This light torpedo can chase submarines up to 450 meters below sea level. In order to produce maximum destructive power, the UMGT-1 carries a warhead weighing 60 kg with a fuse distance of 3.5 meters, this is stronger than that used in western-made light torpedoes, for example the MK54 light torpedo made in the United States, the warhead weighs 44 kg.

    The UMGT-1 is a lightweight air-launched torpedo carried as a payload by an anti-submarine rocket/missile system. The aircraft-launched version was designated the AT-3 Orlan. The UMGT-1 can be identified by the four fins on the rear that extend beyond the diameter of the body and the pumpjet drive.

    From the specifications, the UMGT-1 torpedo is 3.48 meters long, 400 mm in diameter (501 mm plus fins). Its weight (including parachute) reaches 720 kg. This torpedo was also made in an export version with the code UMGT-1ME.

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