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AH-64 Apache attack helicopter hits Hamas with M230 chain gun and Hellfire missiles

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    AH-64 Apache attack helicopter hits Hamas with M230 chain gun and Hellfire missiles

    Enraged by the massive attack by the Hamas militia on October 7, the Zionist military immediately responded with an unspeakable retaliatory attack on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, as well as damage to buildings and infrastructure on a massive scale.

    In Israel's counterattack round, AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were also used which 'watered' bases suspected to be belonging to Hamas with a combination of M230 chain gun cannons and AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

    Apart from the bombing carried out by Israeli Air Force fighter jets in Gaza, social media was shocked by a video highlighting the Israeli AH-64 Apache attack helicopter which was actively participating in the operation to hunt down the Hamas militia.

    In a video circulating on October 9, 2023, it is believed to depict Israeli helicopters involved in operations near the Gaza Strip. According to information shared on

    As a single barrel cannon, the M230 is capable of firing 625 bullets per minute. Meanwhile, the projectile's launch speed reaches 805 meters per second with an effective shooting distance of 1,500 meters and a maximum shooting distance of 4,000 meters.

    Incessant fire from the M230 is used to disperse convoys of combat vehicles or personnel transport vehicles, generally soft targets are targeted. 

    Operating this machine gun, which weighs 56 kg, is quite easy, because the muzzle of the gun is connected directly electronically to the pilot's helmet, so that the direction of movement of the gun barrel always follows and aims at the target being seen by the pilot.

    In the video footage, Israeli attack helicopters target and eliminate various targets linked to the Hamas militia. The AH-64 Apache has been a source of great fear among the Taliban, who describe it as an “incredible helicopter.”

    Israel bases two squadrons of US-made Apache helicopters at Ramon Air Base in the Negev desert. The two squadrons differ in their helicopter models and nomenclature. The 113th Squadron, commonly called Seraph, handles AH-64D helicopters, while the 190th Squadron, known as Peten (Cobra), operates the older model AH-64A.

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