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Metaverse Creates New Jobs, Anything?

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    Metaverse Creates New Jobs, Anything?

    The Metaverse is currently being discussed. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg is the person behind the metaverse where he changed his company name from Facebook to Meta and then created Metaverse.

    Metaverse is a virtual world that combines Virtual Reality (VR) technology with Augmented Reality (AR).

    VR is a technology capable of creating a simulation. This simulation is similar to the real world. Meanwhile, AR itself is a technology of incorporating two-dimensional or three-dimensional virtual objects into a real environment which is then projected in reality in real time.

    So in the metaverse, a virtual world concept will be created where one can create and explore using the internet in the form of his own avatar.

    The presence of this metaverse certainly expands the field of work in the technology field. Jobs that did not exist before were made possible by the emergence of the metaverse.

    So, what jobs might emerge from the emergence of the metaverse?

    Software Engineer Metaverse

    Technological developments have certainly changed the way people interact, which has actually been felt lately. Now to be able to meet, we don't need to meet face to face. Apart from work, this technology is also used to play games.

    In the future there will be more and more game companies that use the Metaverse concept so that software engineers with high expertise are needed. For those of you who are interested in working in this field, you can start studying and participating in various trainings from now on so that your knowledge and ability in the metaverse will be even higher.

    Product Manager

    Maybe this line of work was familiar even before the metaverse came into existence. But in a metaverse company, a Product Manager will be responsible for marketing the experience gained from the product.

    Product Manager will be involved starting from the planning phase but focused on making users understand. Therefore, a Product Manager must be able to gather feedback and know the right time to release a metaverse product.


    Game designer will be a trending field of work in the future. In addition to the increasingly widespread development of games, technological developments also allow gamers to get an even better gaming experience.

    As a Game Designer, of course, you need experience in mastering prototyping to be able to handle creating VR games. This is a field of work that will be greatly needed when the metaverse has begun to run as a whole.

    NFT Strategist

    Of course, the emergence of the metaverse will also affect the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which will continue to develop. Of course, it takes more and more people who can work as NFT Strategists to be able to create even better NFT concepts.

    To become an NFT Strategist, of course, you must have in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. Those of you who are interested in this field of work must also be able to create programs as well as analyze trends from the NFT and the metaverse itself.

    Blockchain Engineer

    Blockchain is a Bitcoin block exploration service. A Blockchain Engineer is someone who assists in creating digital blockchains for businesses.

    A Blockchain Engineer is tasked with designing, testing, and managing software systems on the blockchain platform.

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