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Language Matters: Pot Pourri (2)

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    Language Matters: Pot Pourri (2)

    How good is your understanding of the form, use and phonological features occurring in various structures and lexical items? What problems might they cause for students? Test your understanding with this activity - and then check your answers against those on this page  There are nineteen items to analyse - try doing one or two a day over a period of time.

    The following is an extract from Haraki Murakami's novel, IQ84 (p.801). Analyse the form and use of the phrase, and comment on any problems (including phonological problems and problems of meaning) that learners might have with the word(s). 

    opened the refrigerator to see
    if he had any chilled white
    wine. In back,
    he found a bottle of Chardonnay he had recently bought   on sale. The label
    had a picture of a wild boar. He pulled the cork, poured some  into a
    wineglass, and placed it before Kuka-Eri. After some hesitation,
    he poured himself a
    glass as well.
    He was definitely more in
    the mood for wine than coffee.
    It was a bit too chilled, and a
    bit too sweet,
    but the alcohol calmed Tengo's nerves somewhat.

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