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10 Best Free Metaverse Games to Make Money in 2023

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    10 Best Free Metaverse Games to Make Money in 2023

    Technology has experienced rapid and futuristic development, especially in game development in terms of gameplay and visualization. The metaverse crypto game has been widely circulated on Android.

    It should be noted that all metaverse games can make money because they use crypto. In 2021, Filipinos and Vietnamese are playing a metaverse crypto game called Axie infinity to make money.

    The Best Free Metaverse Game to Make Money

    1. The Sandbox Game

    The Sandbox Game

    In 2012, French co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget of Pixelowl originally made Sandbox available as a smartphone game. It is simply another user-generated infrastructure, where individuals can customize their identities to look like blocks and leverage metaverse blockchain technology and smart contracts to protect the content they publish.

    Metaverse Sandbox games cover mostly three different things. Players can use the VoxEdit 3D modeling program to design avatars, cars, plants, animals, props and other things.

    The Global Marketplace, which is Sandbox's secondary offering, allows players to export their work to be sold within the game's world and make money in the real world. Then there is Game Maker, which allows its users to create 3D video games without having to write a single line of code.

    Sand is the name of the main money in Sandbox. As from the Sandbox world map, players can also choose the properties (groups of territories) they can buy and sell. Players also have the option to advertise these assets throughout the Open Sea NFT marketplace.

    2. Roblox

    Crypto game Roblox is a Sandbox game, which does not require a Virtual Reality (VR) headset at all. Gaming platform Roblox has recently exploded in popularity, and continues to be a place where millions of people live their 'other' lives. Roblox allows users to create cube-shaped characters of their own size.

    Roblox hosts over half a million games divided into categories, from the scariest Horror games on Roblox to action packed games, it has a lot to offer.

    In addition, there is a Roblox roleplaying server which is a special place for users to gather and role-play as different people in the game. Players can own their own Roblox house, even marry someone virtually and live like a family. If you are looking for a simple but fun Metaverse crypto game, choose Roblox and start playing.

    3. Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is a well-known and widely played crypto metaverse game that uses an NFT implementation. The gameplay offered in the game is similar to Nintendo/The Pokémon Company's blockbuster Pocket Monster collecting franchise. This is because players strive to build an army of digital pets known as “Axies,”. These pets double as game collection NFTs, which whoever obtains them can be scored.

    The metaverse vibe is strong here, as players also have the ability to purchase plots of land and homes that their Axies can live in. Axie Infinity's NFT-driven, play-to-earn economy and online community full of both new players and seasoned 'graduates', exemplify its strong classification as a metaverse game.

    4. My Neighbor Alice

    Scheduled to launch in Spring 2022, My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based, metaverse farming simulation inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Players with their custom avatars can use in-game tokens (ALICE), to purchase NFTs attached to virtual land plots (either from Alice or on the public market).

    Using in-game assets (such as houses, livestock, crops, decorations), player characters can grow food and other products on their farm and then trade them in the market.

    In addition to charming and relaxing gameplay and building features, My Neighbor Alice promises a strong economy with governance of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) run by community members who own ALICE tokens.

    The blockchain ecosystem also enables DeFi features, such as NFT staking, underwriting, and asset leasing through smart contracts. With staking in the metaverse game, you can make money.

    5. Alien World

    Alien World is a free-to-play, P2E metaverse game, with a well-deserved following and fans. While it's free to play, players will need to make small purchases of the game's native cryptocurrency, namely Trillium tokens (TLM) in order to complete missions and earn NFTs.

    The gameplay revolves around the player traveling to a distant foreign world and mining the TLMs or NFTs found along the way. As players progress through the game and inventory continues to grow, players will have more resources to find NFTs more quickly.

    There are more than 300 different NFTs for players to collect. Each NFT is unique in terms of value and rarity. The goals in the gameplay are:

    • Mine or earn more than 300 NFT
    • Participate in Nebula events
    • Rent a spaceship to travel to distant planets
    • Compete against other players and win
    • Hoarding TLM assets to earn rewards
    • Contribute to the system of Foreign World Government

    TLM's market capitalization alone is currently over US$ 52 million, and the token has changed hands at around US$ 0.016495.

    6. Game Metaverse Crypto Thetan Arena

    Thetan Arena is a fast-paced, action-packed Metaverse MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) filled with competitive, skill-based combat and beautiful character designs.

    There are four game modes currently available to players in Thetan Arena. First, namely the Battle Royale Mode which can be played solo, or as a duo with the aim of being the last person standing in the arena.

    Second, is the 4v4 Deathmatch Mode which consists of players in teams of four and fight against each other. The third mode is Superstar 4v4, which is a mode where players have to steal superstars and defend each other. Lastly is the 4v4 Tower Destroy Mode, better known as the traditional MOBA mode where players must destroy the opposing team's base.

    Septiady from Cryptoharian plays this game and has been proven to be able to make money. The method is very simple, players only have to sell characters. In fact, just playing the game can earn you thetan tokens which can be sold on Pancakeswap.

    7. Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained, an online trading card strategy game developed in 2018 by James and Robbie Ferguson. This game is similar to other fan favorites like Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering Arena. Gods Unchained is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so digital assets are non-replicable, and ensures that every card is one of a kind.

    Simply put, in Gods Unchained players can buy card packs using ETH (Ethereum currency). These card packs will provide players with a set of random cards to build the player's deck in matches with other players. There are currently more than 400 cards to collect in the game.

    You can also buy, sell or trade individual cards in a marketplace called the Gods Unchained Card Shop. This store uses Ethereum smart contracts to verify that all transactions are made fairly and securely. A total of US$54 billion has been rolled out by the global gaming audience for additional in-game content last year.

    However, most players still have nothing to show for themselves outside of the locked ecosystem in which the game takes place. Gods Unchained aims to change this by giving players complete control over game assets. You can make money by selling the card.

    8. Mobox

    Mobox, and its native token MBOX, make up the bundle for fighter-type metaverse games. This in-game structure also includes NFT markets that build MOMOverse world content. Apart from that, Mobox also includes a yield farming mechanism, which allows additional income by providing liquidity to the MBOX decentralized trading pairs.

    Just like other token-based games, Mobox has built-in governance, by owning and locking MBOX tokens. Mobox is a typical fully crypto-driven game, which differentiates it from other projects in terms of offerings, while adding limited NFT capabilities.

    Mobox has a complete currency ecosystem, with a presence on Binance, as well as decentralized pairs on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap.

    9. Illusium

    Illuvium, the game metaverse crypto, plans to build a multiplayer metaverse game, with trainable Illuvials. Characters that can be played or traded as NFTs will also have a battle arena mode.

    In the initial plan, Illuvium was lined up to become an Ethereum-based play to earn game. The Illuvium reward token (ILV) is already tradable, with an all-time high of over US$1,911.26 and a level above US$1,100 in December 2021. However, in 2022, ILV is only trading for $42 according to Tradingview.

    ILV assets are still used as trading assets, until they can be used as gift tokens for the game ecosystem. Illuvial as an NFT collection has been launched, which shows structure in terms of rarity and value.

    The Illuvium team itself is known to have 67 people in it, relying on an internal team for its 3D games. The team hasn't produced any game elements beyond the initial NFT and preview trailer. Illuvium is led by co-founder Andy C. (Andy Cheng Fang) and Kieran Warwick is listed among the founders, with additional managerial and boarder roles.

    10. Prospectors


    The creators of Prospectors describe it as a multi-player economic strategy game, taking you to the Wild West of the 19th century. The aim of the game is to earn gold which can be converted into the official game currency, namely Prospectors Gold.

    At the beginning of the game, the player gets three workers which can be utilized to work for the player or other people.

    For starters, workers can build and start mining. Players can mine in free land, but must rent land to build structures on it. Unpaid rent will result in the land being blocked off and the player's belongings put up for auction.


    The crypto-based game Metaverse is sure to make money. Almost all metaverse games are free, however, to speed up making money you have to pay like Android games today.

    Even though the metaverse game token price has dropped, it is still possible to make money from game crypto. In fact, you can make money faster than in 2021 because token prices are cheaper and there are fewer competitors.

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