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    One of this week's happiest news: BOOST IS FINALLY BACK TO INDONESIA! I was invited by Nick, the owner of Boost to the soft opening and quick catch up and it was nice seeing the man who decided to bring back Boost to Indonesia, they had their moments here years ago before leaving to reopen! Their first outlet is in Gandaria City and I have been getting lots of tags from you guys for the past week, mainly my favorite: ALL BERRY BANG!

    This will be a super short review because you can definitely tell that I am giving a good one since I have been raving about it on my Instagram! Some details that you need to know: it's located precisely at the Mainstreet area of Gandaria City and next to Ramen-Ya! I have compared the pricing to the one in Singapore/KL/Australia and I must proudly say that Jakarta's pricing is the lowest with price tag ranging from IDR 35-ish to IDR 60k, my All Berry Bang is priced at IDR 53k while the one in Singapore can be around IDR 60k+ when converted!

    For those who are looking for something with less calories they also have their Calorie Counters (around 150-250 calories/serving), you can opt for their Pure Eden, Red Royale (berries), Wonder Melon, Mini Me Mango! I know I am such a sucker for their All Berry Bang, but some of my other favorites are Soraya's Favorite (mango, green tea mix), Mango Magic (as the name suggests...), and Gym Junkie (strawberries, banana with low fat milk/soy and yogurt).

    Short to say, welcome back to Indonesia and this time, I hope more people appreciate you! Wishing you nothing but the best of luck! Long live healthy indulgence <3

    Boost Juice

    Mainstreet, Gandaria City UG fl.

    Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 10

    Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan 12240

    Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM

    Average spending for two: IDR 100k

    Dresscode: none


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