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    Good news everyone! Tiger Sugar is opening SOON in Mal Kelapa Gading 2, by the time this post is written, it's exactly ONE WEEK AWAY from the scheduled opening!

    I think I haven't really given my two cents about Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, aside from the one I did on Instagram, so here you go: firstly, Tiger Sugar doesn't have complicated menus, so it's technically they are mostly milk based drinks (NO MILK TEA HERE), you CAN NOT customize your sugar level, amount of ice or toppings! This particular drink is priced at S$5.3, they have the no-topping version with the same price!

    Anyway don't get confused as they also have the Brown Sugar Milk with Pearls and Cream Mousse, if you wonder the difference between Boba and Pearls, the Boba is the larger tapioca pearls, while the Pearls are the smaller ones, and you can choose to have it mixed :)! If you ask me my favorite, to be frank with you, for this kind of drink I would opt for the Boba: I just need something larger with this enjoyable mouthful chewiness to balance the creaminess of this drink!

    I recommend taking photo AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because I didn't expect the brown sugar to mix and disappear that fast, as suggested by the staff there, shake the cup 15-20 times to have everything mixed evenly!

    I think I didn't mix the drink evenly the first time that my first sip wasn't exactly the most enjoyable, I think I had mainly the cream mousse on that first sip and it felt so milky and too sweet and I almost didn't like this drink, but after I stirred everything with my straw (hoping it's even enough), fortunately it wasn't as sweet as that first sip and after each sip I gradually liking this drink more and more! I believe the milk is thick and more to the heavier side but the brown sugar was certainly the highlight of the drink: aromatic, rich, caramelized but not the kind that would make you go bloated and my bubbles were moist and chewy enough. Safe to say I ended up liking Tiger Sugar!

    Can't wait for it to open in Jakarta soon. I hope everything goes well for the opening and I won't have to review them to filth! LOL!


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