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    If you ask me to name one of my favorite Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta, easily Warung MJS is the one I have in mind among others, and unconsciously my mind particularly directed itself to their Ayam Setan, super spicy yet so good! Incase you haven't read my review of Warung MJS, it's HERE.

    Warung MJS is mostly packed during lunch and dinner, but the team came to a realization that not everyone has the privilege to actually dine out during their busiest moment of the day (or simply those who are too lazy to dine out), so to cater that particular market, they now launch Nyah Kunyah, a sister brand which caters deliveries, Nyah Kunyah's products are mostly the simplified version of Warung MJS' best selling products with a twist! They happen to send me ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS and here I am giving my honest two cents since a lot of you guys have been asking for a full review of this, anyway thank you very much who tagged me on your stories, appreciate them always!!!

    There are currently 10 menus available and TOTALLY HALAL, they only use chicken & beef for the protein base here, most of the food here are spicy and they leave the non-spicy menus to the Ayam Bakar & Daging Sapi Grundel! Price range for food here is from IDR 39,5k (chicken menus)-IDR 44,5k (beef menus), the serving includes extra "kremesan (savory fried crumb topping)" and iced tea!

    Ayam Sambal Setan - IDR 39,5k

    I just need to review this first because it's my favorite menu in Warung MJS that they put here, it's SUPER SPICY, totally aware of that but in the same time can't stop digging for more! Compared to the beef version, I prefer the chicken one's better, well both are good but it's the meatier texture of the chicken that I think carry this dish better, and somehow more satisfying!

    Sapi Sambal Setan - IDR 44,5k

    Ayam Gongso - IDR 39,5k

    If you want an option that's mild spicy but still packed with flavor then I think you might like this one! It's overall this good balance of flavor with this subtle hint of sweetness (but like this soft hint), also available in chicken & beef base, yet again if you ask me, I am still #teamchicken, the deep fried chicken has this lovely texture and thickness that I found perfect for the serving, the beef slices are also pretty tender.

    Ayam Sambal Wewe - IDR 39,5k

    Deep fried chicken tossed in generous green chili, judging from the experience, I initially thought the green chili would be super spicy but turns out it's more like "medium" rather than overly spicy, but always take what I say with a grain of salt because each and every one of us has different take on spicy things, yet again, team chicken on this one!

    Sapi Sambal Matah - IDR 44,5k

    I expected more from their Sambal Matah creations, I just don't think that the sambal matah flavor is quite there yet, well I mean it's simple and easily enjoyable, and in this case I prefer their beef version  as I think it absorbs the seasoning better on this one!

    These are the non-spicy options for those of you who fancy one: Daging Sapi Grundel (left) and Ayam Bakar (right), the texture of the beef is very similar to Yoshinoya's beef bowl, only with this sweet and savory Indonesian seasoning that's rich and packed with flavors, as for the Ayam Bakar, the chicken's pretty tender too but maybe in this case, the Daging Sapi Grundel won me over, BIG TIME, as it's juicier and wrapped in gorgeous seasoning!

    So is Nyah Kunyah the best rice bowl vendor in town? Well, it might be, can't seem to label them the best of the best because quite frankly A LOT OF RICE BOWL BRANDS that I need to explore, but their rice bowls are bold in terms of seasoning, beef & chicken are tender & juicy, very little miss here and there, and who knows they might come up with fish bowls, I think fish like dory can benefit and perform so much from their top seasoning, ok salivating now thanks for reading!

    Nyah Kunyah


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