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    I am a firm believer that most health problems are related to our digestive system, this is stemmed from two years ago when I had the worst case of gastric pain, I literally took all the blood test that a lab could possibly handle, cost me millions, all that to know that my gastric acid was in a pretty terrible state that I need to stop consuming certain food, work out (and work less so that I'm not stressed out), and from that I believe that our digestive system and gastric are almost like the door to what you're feeling about your body, if you don't treat them well they can fight you back, but if you take very good care they will help you get through the day, or even your life.

    I am recently introduced by this new product, long story short hooked and now it's me turn to introduce you guys to this new healthy indulgence that's not only practical, contains a lot of health benefits but also very tasty: GREENFIELDS YOGURT DRINK!

    Prior the launching of Greenfields Yogurt Drink, I had the privilege to attend the launching of Greenfields Yogurt two years ago (you can read more HERE) and I treasure more behind Greenfields and the AustAsia Group as a whole and the ventures they have in store: from realizing the fact that they have 80.000 cows bred in China alone (and 10.000 in Indonesia - Holstein & Jersey breed) and from that they can produce 930 tons of milk every single day and that milk becomes the base of their products: milk, yogurt, cheese, whipped cream, butter and now... yogurt drink!

    One of the things that I am fond of Greenfields Yogurt Drink is that they don't include any antibiotics and made from 100% real milk (along with the bacteria to convert the milk to yogurt), beware of the fake ones with tons of artificial ingredients and sugar! Yogurt is the kind of drink that we consume to help us with our digestive system: most famous for naturally help easen up our digestive system, as well as awesome protein, calcium, & vitamin source, control our blood pressure, weight, and a 'friend' who helps us with our immune system!

    Greenfields Yogurt Drink are currently available in 5 flavors: lychee, peach, blueberry, strawberry and mixed fruits! It's affordably priced at IDR 8.500/bottle! Their yogurt drink is not the overly sour kind, for me it's more dominated by sweet taste with a hint of sour, but overall quite balance. I have tried every one and if you ask me to name my favorite, it has to be the blueberry for the delicate yet tasty blueberry drink but my mind is always in the state of knowing "this also has health benefits", that's why in this entry I also want to share, well not a recipe, but how I implement my favorite blueberry drink to my breakfast!

    You can definitely play with the other variants, while they're targeted more for "on-the-go" situation, to be a little creative won't hurt anybody right? :)

    I found that the yogurt drink can be a good substitute to the milk, not only that it's tastier but also the fact that it's infused with flavor! Greenfields Blueberry Yogurt Drink + your favorite fruit + your favorite cereal and here's a hearty simple breakfast!

    Have you guys tried this? Let me know your favorite flavor! As what's being said by Syahbanta Sembiring (Country Head Sales & Marketing PT AustAsia Food), Greenfields Yogurt Drink is made #BukanUntukYangSetengahMati, so if you're one of those people who deal with major everyday mobility, this one's for you! Stay healthy!


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