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    I have been raving about this shabu-shabu restaurant A LOT and I guess it's no longer a secret that you guys know how much I LOVE Momo Paradise! Point of this blog post is to let you guys know that MOMO PARADISE is now expanding to the Central and now in PLAZA INDONESIA YAAAAY finally the closest to where I live.

    A little background about Momo Paradise: it's an all you can eat shabu-shabu restaurant originated from Shinjuku, Japan! First opened in Japan back in 1993 then followed by the expansion all over Asia at countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia! They're also in the USA and at the moment (and by the time this post is published), 70 is the amount of restaurants they have all over the world.

    There's no difference from ingredient wise to basically everything, there are still 4 options for the beef here: US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Brisket and Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll and believe me even the cheapest beef option here is GOOD and when you compare Momo Paradise to ones alike, Momo Paradise is far ahead of them! For the Wagyu, I heard they're using Australian Wagyu hence the awesome marbling, but in the same time less in fat. Price range for the shabu-shabu here starts from IDR 200k++ to 500k++ (in the future price may vary).

    You can choose between Shabu-Shabu (original), Mushroom, Kimchi (a hint of spicy), and Sukiyaki (soy-ish flavor, slightly bolder in flavor with beautiful blend of sweet and savory).

    Go for their Mushroom soup and Shabu-Shabu, not the biggest fan of their original broth because it's a tad plain (and indeed the soup's meant to be for cooking and dipping), if you're a soup drinker then you have to go for their Kimchi soup!

    If you're planning to have their Sukiyaki soup and willing to spend more, I highly recommend you to go for their Wagyu beef selections, and FYI if you order their Sukiyaki soup they will always provide you with additional soup and water incase it's reducing and you need to dilute it.

     ...also if you order their Sukiyaki soup they'll prepare you egg for some kind of "dipping sauce" for your beef, but it's your call!

     My mandatory ala carte order here: RAMEN! Their homemade ramen is so GOOD! Spot on texture!

    Anyway I believe you guys know this review is going to be all positive, but indeed they're very consistent with their quality and performance, even the service is very good (waiters have good product knowledge, they let us know the procedure and everything with such grace and patience), so I really have no other option than giving them positive review. MOMO PARADISE is definitely one of the most consistent restaurants in town at the very moment! Enjoy the remaining pictures!

    Momo Paradise

    Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor

    Jakarta Pusat 10350

    Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM

    Average spending for two: IDR 400k

    Dresscode: none


    Map for Plaza Indonesia

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