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    I think it was 2017 where the cheese tea trend started to get really big (even though brands like KOI/Share Tea have started it long way back) and 2018 is just the expansion of the trend with more and more indie brands coming and major brands releasing their cheese tea menus, okay to be completely frank with you I am almost never interested in cheese tea, as personally I don't see why would you put cheese on drinks (and I am fully aware that's just me), but the visit to Ban Ban changed my perception! Keep reading.

    I think I first knew about Ban Ban from either Dea (jktfoodbang) or Mullie (myfunfoodiary) and a few days ago I went here with my sister to check out what they have in store. Ban Ban is located at the first floor of Lippo Mal Puri next to Chop Chop, which I think is a totally smart move, I think it's no longer a secret that Chop Chop is one of the most successful restaurants in Jakarta that no longer needs any introduction/promotion and the fact that Ban Ban is located precisely next to it is a stand alone genius marketing promotion HAHA! There were several tables in the cafe where guests can hang around over their drinks, the design of the outlet was neat and simple which fits the theme and concept of this store, simple is expensive *wink*.

    Quick scan at their menu and I realize that their drinks are a tad pricier compared to their peers with price ranging from IDR 30k-45k, but I had a good feeling they did it for a reason and for the quality that they're trying to maintain, as for the drinks, most of them are tea based, but there are also the lattes (milk) and coffee drinks! The tea based drinks use premium organic tea, well they try to present premium ingredients for every drink here, literally what you expect from artisan beverages, even the selection of the finest matcha powder and more.

    I literally borrowed this for pictures because I wanted to show you guys the fresh and chunky ingredients they're using for their tea drinks! Look at those fresh fruits, while you can adjust the sweetness to your liking, but sugar is not exactly recommended as the sweetness from the fruit should be enough, but again, your preference.

    Matcha Chizu and Miruku Boba

    HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE! I was a bit skeptical about this as I thought the milk and bubble combo will bloat me out, but since the recipe was smart and everything was measured smartly, the combo of everything was super tasty! I think I even like this better than the one that I had in Taiwan (Chen San Ding - well I like this one but somehow Ban Ban's matched my palate better). 

    The brown sugar bubble was sweet and caramelized but as you stir everything, they blend in just fine, and the bubble texture is just nicely chewy! FYI this is the only drink with light cream cheese topping, which is perfect knowing you already have full cream milk and bubble here, balance babe!

    As for the Matcha Chizu (left), it's also very good! From the first sip and quick peek at their open bar I knew they're using high quality matcha powder here, none of that crappy cheap artificial shit and it did reflect on the taste! I like how the matcha is strong with a hint of bitter.

    Creme Brulee made with torched brown sugar 

    Kiwi Chizu (left), Berry Chizu (right)

    The amount of kiwi used for this drink is undoubtably generous! This was very refreshing, genuinely fruity, as for the sweetness you can always adjust, but I'd like to go as low as 25%. One of MY FAVORITES has got to be the Berry Chizu which is also their best selling menu here! It's the blend of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry with their organic tea and cream cheese topping, I prefer very little sugar for this one and more freshness, and seriously even after the cream cheese topping, it didn't bloat me out, it was just fresh on a good balance.

    Ringo Fresh Tea

    This is their take on fruit tea with generous fruit cuts like apple, strawberry, lime/lemon.

    Koffie Chizu and Choco Chizu

    As expected, the coffee/chocolate and cream cheese combo makes a good duet, I don't know how to explain it in details, but something about the cream cheese that's perfectly balanced, both flavor and texture wise, creamy and oozin' but not overly thick and greasy, so it really goes well with the fruit, tea, coffee and chocolate.

    They also have mochi selections here (each priced at IDR 18k) and I must say they're above decent, the rum raisin mochi is pretty tasty with spot on sweetness, I personally like this better than the black sesame mochi.

    You know I don't talk about brands like this a lot...unless I GENUINELY love the brand and what they have in store. That explains my review, it might possibly, for me, one of the absolute best in town when it comes to cheese and tea based drinks.

    Ban Ban Tea
    Lippo Mall Puri lt. 1 Unit 51
    Jalan Puri Indah Raya Blok U1
    Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11610
    Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
    Average spending for two: IDR 100k
    Dresscode: none


    Map for Lippo Mal Puri

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