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    It was a beautiful day today, I was at Bali's freshest beach club along with the blue sky, great weather, some good companions (and my camera if it counts)! Bali is currently still in "Winter", the photos in this post were indeed taken on a sunny day, but it was not that hot & humid, Bali's weather during times like this is perfect! Just perfect!

    I am already back in Jakarta now, the past few days spent in Bali were for solid work purpose, my flight was at 2 PM earlier today so I had some free time before going to the airport to catch the plane so I briefly visited Tropicola for the sake of curiosity (and content for the blog can't deny). Anyway, I knew Tropicola from a friend who went here and sent me her story update (thanks Sal!), apparently this is owned and managed by the same people behind Motel Mexicola and Da Maria! 

    Prior arriving here I had this image in my head about how this place will appear before my eyes, and it was exactly the vibe that I had in mind: 80s retro Miami-Acapulco-Palm Springs leaning pool club with bright pop pastel colors, supporting details such as clean lines, symmetrical grids, everything here PLUS the bright day just made everything better! I can really imagine people doing fashion editorials here, I wish I could have more time to explore and took more pics tho, defo next time!

    The minimum charge for day bed is IDR 800k while none for regular dining tables, I was so busy from the morning that I didn't have time for breakfast, hence lunch here. The food menus here were mostly Western feast cuisine that are carefully curated, along with some familiar Western menus like burgers and pizzas (they even have open kitchen for wood-fired cooking). If I'm not mistaken I think I saw they have THREE bars in this beach club, not sure why.

    Honestly when I scanned the menu, some menus felt so tempting, but due to the limited time and me feeling not so adventurous that moment, I played it safe with the burger (IDR 110k) which was just okay and a tad dry. Cassandra (my friend) ordered this cheesy corn dish (pic below) that I didn't try, but she liked. For the drink I had the TropiCOLA (IDR 40k), which is their own Coke recipe, maybe it's just me but I kinda got the hint of coffee in the drink, still pretty refreshing but if you want full blown Coke just get a regular Coca Cola for sure LOL!

    I heard the seafood and Tomahawk are good here, and the cocktails too, I really can't give you full overview thoughts on the food, I mean I only had burger bitch, I might need to have 2-3 highlight dishes for a solid food review, so take this review as my thoughts on mainly the vibe of this hot spot (which I like), I just hope it didn't end up like Motel Mexicola since I am never the biggest fan of their food, they have to step up the food game, so genius with the concept and design but not so much on the food, I can see great potential to be completely frank.

    Jalan Pantai Batu Belig No. 5
    Seminyak, Bali 80361
    0361 - 9343 636
    Opening hours: 11 AM-midnight
    Average spending for two: IDR 300k
    Dresscode: none


    Map for Tropicola Bali

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