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    GREETINGS FROM BALI! I just landed earlier today and I am currently in my hotel room, watching YouTube for hours and now bored, so I thought I might do a little blog post since I have not been posting for a week, not that I am lazy, infact I have so many things that I wanna share to you but they're quite long and they take more time to finish, so don't be surprised that by the time the blog posts are finished you might see four entries in a week! STAY TUNED.

    I was on a morning flight (by the way out of topic but my flight earlier today was so good, so smooth and I've never been calmer, not sure why) and by the time I arrived really the one thing that was on my mind was COFFEE! Initially wanted to go to Revolver/Pison but my friend told me there's this NEW coffee shop that's just opened in Seminyak called SIBLING ESPRESSO! It's easy to guess that this is owned by 8 Degree Project who also runs Sisterfields, Bikini and Bossman as they're all located on the same line, precise neighbors.

    This will be a VERY short review since I literally only got one Iced (bon)Soy Latte (IDR 52k), but I promise you that when I revisit this coffee shop I will update this blog post. Sibling Espresso is located where Expat Roasters was, I am not sure about the beef that happened between them, but from what I heard they're no longer together hence Expat now moves to Petitenget, it might be a sensitive topic to touch so I'm not diving deeper, but anyway design and interior wise, not much different from what it was, but I gotta admit I love the branding and the logo on the cup looks CHIC!

    Cold pressed juices here, something to try next time.

    My thought on the iced soy latte: not bad, the coffee was more to the fruity and acid kind, but I honestly still prefer the intensity and balance of the Revolver's and Pison's Iced Soy Latte, just letting you know that it's not my final review of this coffee shop and not to mention I heard they have sandwiches here! You gotta stay tuned to my Instagram Stories because that's where I updated a restaurant/cafe review the fastest, and most of the times... CANDID!

    Jl. Kayu Cendana (next to Sisterfields)
    Seminyak, Bali 80361
    Opening Hours: 7 AM - 5 PM
    Average spending for two: IDR 100k
    Dresscode: none


    Map for Sibling Espresso Bar

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