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An ELT Glossary : Hyperbole

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    An ELT Glossary : Hyperbole

    Hyperbole :An exaggerated expression, which is not literally true, but is used to emphasise the degree of something. 


    I've asked you a million times not to do that!
    She's got tons of money.
    I'm starving - I could eat a horse.
    I'm dying to see him again.

    Hyperbole can be found in a variety of genres including informal conversation, as in the examples above. Other possibilities include:
    • political speeches, comment  and debate : “This is the worst hour of Trump’s entire presidency – no, make that entire life,” tweeted Norman Eisen... The Guardian 22.08.2018
    • literature : ...the world had turned to chaos  / silver armour polished to a blinding sheen /  an endless black bog  George R.R. Martin .- A Game of Thrones
    • advertising : Redbull's slogan Redbull gives you wings; Mastercard's advertisement - Some things never change. For everything else, there's Mastercard
    • songs :  Killing me softly with his love Roberta Flack; We've got forever - Michael Jackson; Nobody does it better - Carly Simon.

    and many other genres......

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