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    It was a Sunday where I, my sister and my cousin went to Basque to have brunch. I personally have been to Basque several times prior to the brunch date here, I normally went with friends after heavy dinner to chill over good cocktails, bar food and music, it's very vibey at night to be frank with you. Quick tip: on weekends it turned to this semi-club where you can meet more people, so if you fancy that kind of crowd, then go on weekend night.

    Basque is located in Noble House Mega Kuningan and the restaurant's pretty spacious, open yet intimate in the same time! They have a bar area where people are more than welcome to hang around if they fancy more casual ambiance. Let me take you on a visual tour!

    This was very refreshing,

    Pan Seared Salmon & Bagel Crumble - IDR 130k

    Despite the uber simple (and boring) appearance, this was actually VERY GOOD! Salmon was so perfectly cooked and juicy, the cream cheese was spot on texture and flavor, and actually match beautifully with the fresh salmon and bagel crumble (which by the way also gave texture). Should I say it's all about fresh ingredients, simply executed but the natural performance did most of the talking.

    Prime US Rib-Eye (200 gram) - IDR 350k

    Okay this I can't even! Normally I am a classic steak eater and don't fancy saucy steak to be frank with you, but this blew me away, not only for the sauce, but really for everything and how beautifully this dish is executed! The Rib Eye was spot on Medium with fresh, juicy meat, the baked bone marrow was extra but appreciated, it was mixed with mashed potato, layered with Mozarella cheese and baked together for that oozing cheesy goodness and buttery flavor. Really nothing to complain about!

    As sweet closure, make sure to have some sweet bites to finish the fabulous brunch! Both dessert has this Tres Leches touch about it that I found simple and appealing, and presented beautifully! If you fancy touch of chocolate and banana then you have to grab the one below but if you want full blown milky dessert, then get the one that looks like orange!

    It was a good brunch date that I had in Basque, the food was delicious (even though they look so simple), and not to mention the fresh cocktails! Surely recommended!


    Noble House Building 8th fl.

    Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung

    Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950

    Opening hours: 11 AM-2 AM

    Average spending for two: IDR 350k

    Dresscode: sporty casual - no sandals




    Map for Basque

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