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    I just landed back from Jogjakarta, and so excited about writing this blog post for you as it's my first ArtJog experience among their 11th exhibition and I have so many pictures to share to you. Truth be told, I don't have the biggest knowledge in art and I don't wanna act like someone who has a lot to say about something that I don't have deep knowledge about, I might be one of those people who visually enjoys art, but one thing that I am fully aware is that no matter what we do or what craft we made, each and everyone of us has the right to like/dislike certain things, and some may express it in an extreme way, but absolutely not me, because I don't wanna act like a smart-ass, that's why this post will mainly consist of pictures that I took with short captions for some pictures, this time, please enjoy the pictures.

    I am so furious about the article that I read about what happened at the Yayoi Kusama exhibiton at Museum MACAN and how some artworks are now broken due to the irresponsible act from visitors who didn't bother to follow the rules, apparently, stupidity exists, and based on my experience visiting ArtJog 2018, yes a lot of people still took pictures here and there (especially at the Sea Remembers - more below), but none actually touched the artworks and the staffs were pretty attentive  in paying attention, giving direction and reminding everyone what to do and not to do, the visitors were more 'civilized'.

    ArtJog 2018 is currently running at Jogja National Museum, it's a three-storey exhibition which features artworks from mainly local artists and international artists, expect to see stills, painted artworks, photography, sculpture, graphic, multi-dimention, performance art, installations, interactive arts and more. The international artists highlighted in this year's exhibition are Adam de Boer (USA), Kexin Zhang (China), Hiromi Tango (Australia), Ezzam Rahman (Singapore), Marcel Schwittlick (Germany) and more.

    Entrance ticket price per person is IDR 50k, the exhibition will be available until June 4th 2018, opens from 10 AM-10 PM daily.

    Sea Remembers by Mulyana

    After entering the main entrance, the first and somewhat grandest artwork that you'll see is this beautiful art named "Sea Remembers" by Mulyana (also known as Mang Moel), the art represents the life under the sea from the eyes and imagination of Mulyana and all made from crochets, talk about long labour hours and creativity! 

    I can't with the details, they're so amazing and probably the most packed from all the artworks installed here in ArtJog 2018, quick tip: do come early and I mean precisely at 10 AM to avoid crowds (if you really care about clear pictures), I arrived about 10:30 AM, people were already packing the scene but the later the more people packing this artwork.


    All made from tali rafia!

    Everlost - boxing sack with various crackers inside (instead of sand)

    Breathing stone, looks so realistic, but the rubber is made from rubber and it will continuously show this breathing action where the stone will float a bit.

    "Intensity Over Density, Over Intensity" by Jigger Cruz

    Artwork from artist Kexin Zhang (China), his vision towards human bird.

    Literally, belly buttons!

    Aside from Sea Remembers, I also love this artwork which I found not only beautiful, but so creative and thoughtful in the same time, it's about "rubber bracelet" or more familiar as "karet gelang" in various shapes and movements, the artwork's made from resin but something about the placement the movement and all that looks exactly like one, especially when it's burnt and twisted! TOP!!!

    Towards the end of the exhibition, you'll find Merch Project where they sell various items made from local artist, I fell for this cute cups with ear shape handle, a lot of cute stationery, clothes, bags and more!

    For more details and activities like curatorial tour art, artist's live performance and meet and greet schedule, check out their official website and their Instagram page (where they update regularly). Thank you guys for reading, sorry if this post doesn't help you much in terms of explanation on each art



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