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    Patio Venue is a part of Plataran group, the well-known company who owns various properties and high end Indonesian restaurants all named Plataran, and this restaurant is one that's slightly different to the rest of the siblings from its concep and food highlights. If Plataran restaurants normally focuses on local Indonesian cuisine, Patio also serves that, but with various Italian-Western cuisines on the menu too!

    Patio Venue is this combination of glamorous and zen, upon entering the restaurant, you'll be pampered with the lush green plants surrounding the restaurant, and on the time of my visit, it was raining very hard so it kinda enhance the vibey experience, and one thing for sure, absolutely homey.

    Receptionist and servers to escort you to the seats, reservation is not necessary but suggested.

    Grand piano on the center area of the restaurant

    They also have this mini-bar area incase you want to have the slightly more casual experience. They have selections of mocktail, cocktails and liquors here.

    Table setting was simple and neat, the main dining area was spacious and private events can be done here. I like the touch of class of this restaurant yet without appealing overly intimidating, 

    Mentioned earlier that the food here is mainly selections of Indonesian and Western-Italian food with reasonable price range from IDR 55k-IDR 1.5 mil (pretty reasonable price for Coute of Beof to be honest). Indulge of various appetizers, soups, pizza, pasta, mains and desserts they have in store.

    Bresaola Salad - IDR 79k

    Kicking off my lunch that day with something fresh, light but flavorful in the same time! Air dried raw beef, with cherry tomatoes, Arugula leaves (rocket leaves), Parmesan cheese, balsamic and truffle oil dressing! So aromatic, so fresh, with generous thin beef slices, just altogether delicious!

    Lumpia Tahu Ayam - IDR 49k

    Now this is a simple delicacy that's delicious! Classic, humble, friendly!

    Nasi Goreng Tinta Cumi with Seafood - IDR 99k

    The black color of this fried rice came from the squid ink (so no artificial coloring), and the fried rice's served with cloud sunny side up, crackers, and veges on the side. This was one of my favorite menus from the lunch that day, generally, I found the fried rice to be fragrant with this beautiful harmony of savory, salty and a tad hint of sweet, inside you should find mainly generous dice-cut squid for that extra chewiness!

    Filleto di Manzo - IDR 300k

    Prime tenderloin cut that's cooked perfectly 'medium' just how I like it, and that sits on top of the sauteed vegetables, mushroom medley, with olive oil! The beef was tender, juicy with light seasoning (which I find very important as afterall all I really want from a beautiful steak is the natural flavor of the meat that comes with the tender and juicy texture). I also appreciate how the mashed potato is not the overly mushy kind as I personally prefer the one with more texture and lumps on it. This steak is love!

    Capelli D'Angelo All Aragosta - IDR 100k/ounce

    A very recommended pasta dish for those who fancy pasta dishes for their meal! Angel hair pasta lightly cooked and tossed with olive oil, chili flakes, garlic and various seasoning, then topped with Arugula leaves (man I love how they're so freaking generous with rocket leaves here), and finalized with freshly grilled lobster and tobiko! It came in a pretty generous portion (and can be shared for 2/3 people), the pasta was overall properly salty but the highlight has got to be the uber fresh lobsters for sure, it's so beautifully cooked, juicy and three was the proper amount for the portion!

    Rendang Pizza - IDR 115k

    The pizzas here are baked in this traditional wood fire oven and there's actually an open kitchen at the back area of this restaurant where you can experience first hand the production process. I've always loved when pizza's made this way I just feel this additional excitement towards it (and eating it).

    This Rendang pizza was pretty rich in terms of seasoning and that's obviously a good thing because I can't stand underseasoned Rendang pizza it's almost an insult for me. The thin crust was beautifully firm and properly dense, the generous Rendang cuts were quite tender,

    Waffer Cassava - IDR 59k

    To be frank, the elements of this dish is pretty simple, basically biscuits, chocolate hazelnut, fermented cassava with vanilla ice cream on the side but everything was such a beautiful harmony to my palate. Never the biggest fan of fermented cassava but they managed to make the right opacity for this dessert! The right sweetness, play of texture and simplicity, me likey!

    I think Patio Venue gained my respect as one of the recommended places to have Italian food in town, their food rings simple, some are humble, some are exquisite, but everything that I had (and judging from this visit) was delicious. Service was top notch friendly and attentive, really what's not to love.

    Patio Venue by Plataran
    Jalan Wijaya XIII No. 45
    Dharmawangsa, Jakarta Selatan 12160
    021 - 724 1362
    Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM



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